About CyberCouriers  
  CyberCouriers was started in 2000 as a means to facilitate email distribution within the interior design industry for companies that either did not have their own databases or who just simply wanted to widen their target markets. John Autard who runs CyberCouriers has been in the Interior Design Industry for 20 years. Today the CyberCouriers database stands at around 6000 names of Architects, Interior Architects, Designers, Decorators, Manufacturers and Suppliers of Decor related products and services throughout Southern Africa. An average mailshot takes 16 hours to run as the server can only process 500 emails per hour.  
  The following companies have used or use CyberCouriers on a regular basis - (You can click on a company name to view the mailshot and the date it was sent - note this is a new facility and only applies to the companies highlighted in bold)  
  Anthony Byrne Upholstery, Beds-on-Line, Bellacraft Design,Box Living, Cane Logix, DNG Interiors, Decorex South Africa, FADS - The Fine and Decorative Arts Society of Cape Town, Green Point Life, The Hall Collection, ID Solutions, IID Professions - The South African Institute for the Interior Design Professions, Indofurn, Inhouse Furniture,  James Russell Agencies, Jo Carlin @ Muralto, JVB Fine Furniture, KUBI Imagineered Spaces, K  Living Room, MarbleCast, The Maria Santana Gallery, MBM Outdoor Furniture, NCS Colour Systems, Province Lighting, Quartz Carpet, Robert-Thomson.com,  Silhouette Furniture, Soluzioni, three6zerofurnture solutions, Victorian Bathrooms, Wunders and Wunders la Maison.  
  Companies representing similar products to my existing clients that send mailshots out on a regular basis will not be allowed and neither will products or services be advertised that are not appropriate to the industry, All advertising companies will get one years free link on SA InteriorLinks to their website. Companies that take advantage of the 3 or 6 Mailshot advance purchase package get a free banner advert in the Interior Placements Newsletter.  
CyberCouriers offers THREE options
Emails come from CyberCouriers. The previous offer of 20% discount for access to your database has been discontinued due to the new laws in South Africa. Companies that have previously submitted their databases will still have their mailshots coming from their own company name.
Once off mailshot R1500.00
Emails come from your own email address and company name.
To set up your database for the initial run R400.00.
To set up and send each mailshot R500.00 per 5000 names.
R1500.00 for the CyberCourier Database plus R500.00 per 5000 names from your own database. Two separate mailshots will done and duplicates cannot be avoided.
  Initial setting up of your database if R400.00 per hour.  
  Monthly management of your database if required R400.00 per hour  
  Your advert can be supplied jpeg or gif format and should preferably not exceed 800 pixels in width or 300kb in size  
  Attachments are allowed providing the final size of the email does not exceed 300kb. It is preferred that attachments are downloaded by click on a link in the email.  
  Every effort is made to ensure that your emails do not end up in spam folders but this is often entirely dependent on the individual recipients computer. Care must be taken when choosing a subject line that it does not contain words that are picked up as spam by the filters.  
  Please contact me by return of email or telephonically should you have any queries.